Sunday, 6 December 2009

End of Year Christmas Giveaway

To celebrate a great year for Temporary:Secretary, we're giving away some jewellery. Lots of jewellery!

We have 2 sets of jewellery boxes crammed with goodies (worth £80-£90) to giveaway. A treat for yourself? Or use them as Christmas presents for others? Maybe stocking fillers for your little sis? (if she has been good this year! Mine hasn't!)

To enter, you simply answer this question:

What is your favourite Temporary:Secretary product? And Why?

- You can leave your entry as a blogspot comment.
- If you're a fan of our Temporary:Secretary facebook page, you can leave a comment there.
- Follow us on and Click here to leave your answer.

Enter using the method that suits you best! Or enter using blogspot, facebook and twitter! All 3!

Closing date for this competition is 13th December 2009.

Good luck! x


  1. Entry:
    @sharonkitten for sure - appeals to my love of shoes in a big way

  2. My favourite (its really hard to pick just one item though!!!) is the Two Scoops earrings. Like everyone else I hate winter, but all I have to do is put these on, look in the mirror and I'm reminded of eating a lovely strawberry ice cream on the beach with my shades on. Haha, and I can't exactly wear flip-flops in winter .. these are more acceptable, and just plain CUTE!! xxx

  3. I just love love love all your stuff, really hope I win!!!

    I just love these necklaces

    Thinking about getting a Dollipops one :)

    Lauren xxx

  4. My favourite item has to be the Amour Necklace. I love it because its chic but also really fun with the three cute pendants on the chain. It's an essential wardrobe must have for any season.
    :) xx

  5. My favourite item (well aside from them ALL of course!) would be the initial Pendant Pearl Necklace- it's so cute, yet personal, can be dressy or casual and has a timeless, ageless appeal. (I think I might have to hide it from my grandma!! She would TOTALLY approve) ^_^

  6. I'd have to say the 'Huge love necklace'. It is adorably quaint & quirky but classic at the same time.

  7. I LOVE this: Cupcakes and Donuts Charm Bracelet

  8. I really love the Dorothy "Wizard Of Oz" -'s so fanciful and fun!

    divaqueenie(at) gmail(dot)com

  9. i have to say my favourite is the welcome to wonderland necklace, just because i am a huge fan of alice in wonderland, it makes me feel like a kid again. you probs know how much i love it cos its regularly fetured on my blog!

  10. I like the Love Letter Necklace. It's pretty and special, and it has a sweet secret inside.

    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  11. I love the Rubber Duckie Ring... Why because I love rubber duckies

  12. follow Temporary: Secretary on Facebook

  13. Right i have picked that allowed?!
    well first choice the piano ring -
    as i am a music girl
    i live just down your way
    and i will payyy
    to have the ring :)

    second choice the apple studs
    as an apple a day keeps the doctor away
    but two a day will keep me looking fab and popular ;)
    (L) (L) (L) - laura xx

  14. I love your Alice Teapot Necklace Sarah - always time for tea :) x x

  15. Oh goodness- its SOOO tricky to choose! EEK. Im going with the "You're TOAST!" Necklace. Why? Because its super cute and really fun :)


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