Thursday, 5 November 2009

Strange kitty!

Here's my little helper, slacking off for a little snooze!
Just chilling in the sink....asleep whilst sitting up.
Such a strange one!


  1. SO cute :D I want a cat :)

  2. This is my pup Toby, who basically likes to molester Piglet

    That's pretty strange, right?

  3. hahaha, such a cute picture. my little kits are always trying to escape from the bath. they're constantly jumping in, getting stuck and having to be rescued.... they don't seem to get the message... Also, one of them has an annoying habit of climbing up my legs to get places, which is usually just irritating, but with bare legs is excruciating! xxx

  4. Is he real? lol.

    He looks like he was so tired he just fell asleep right where he was.

    Ah, why was he in the sink?


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