Wednesday, 29 April 2009

5 weeks and counting

It's less than 5 weeks left until final deadline and Graduate Fashion Week!
Get your tickets -

As previously mentioned, I've been getting on with my garments/products this week. A couple of long days at uni have paid off. (from 9am until 8pm. Long hours, no pay, ... worst job ever)

Here's a preview of my collection. I'm thinking of producing 8 garments - but looks like i'll only get 6 done. The whole project is coming together now and it's all starting to make more sense!

The paper is pinned, but when I get round to it, it will be sewn on the inside of the dress.

Black skirt (garment 2) in the making.

Finished Garment.

Silk chiffon skirt fused with handmade paper. For those who sent letters in, they were transferred on to the super delicate paper and then implemented to the design.

3rd Gament, a pleated voile dress. I've used white cotton voile to replicate paper, and how you can see through it.

This one is made with silk habutai in an off-white colour.


  1. VEry Very beautifullll work!

  2. Beautiful Sarah!! I hope i can make the shows i'd love to see them in the flesh. Good Luck!!!

  3. Wow - They both look stunning lovely. Hope its all going well x

  4. this looks absolutely amazing!!

  5. loving your dresses miss!! x

  6. Wow I love this. Really nice concept x

  7. This is amazing! Beautiful skirt :) x


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