Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year.


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Holidays

We wish you a very happy festive season. Hope you all had a brilliant white Christmas yesterday and you got what you wanted this year.

Special thanks to Emma at Kitschtique for organizing the Secret Santa and sending me lovely gifts!


Sunday, 6 December 2009

End of Year Christmas Giveaway

To celebrate a great year for Temporary:Secretary, we're giving away some jewellery. Lots of jewellery!

We have 2 sets of jewellery boxes crammed with goodies (worth £80-£90) to giveaway. A treat for yourself? Or use them as Christmas presents for others? Maybe stocking fillers for your little sis? (if she has been good this year! Mine hasn't!)

To enter, you simply answer this question:

What is your favourite Temporary:Secretary product? And Why?

- You can leave your entry as a blogspot comment.
- If you're a fan of our Temporary:Secretary facebook page, you can leave a comment there.
- Follow us on and Click here to leave your answer.

Enter using the method that suits you best! Or enter using blogspot, facebook and twitter! All 3!

Closing date for this competition is 13th December 2009.

Good luck! x

Saturday, 28 November 2009

There's No Place Like Home

This week, I stocked up on a crazy amount of red glitter to make these little shoes sparkle for Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) necklaces.

There is red glitter everywhere, but it has been worth it!
ruby slippersWizard of oz necklace
(images belong to Temporary:Secetary)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Jewellery Designs - Just In Time For Christmas!

This Reindeer necklace may only be around for the Christmas holidays. We've got some in gold, but after a recent revelations, I have also ordered some in silver - Which do you like best? Gold jewellery or silver jewellery?

Monday, 16 November 2009

Here comes the birds! | Bird Themed Jewellery

A flock of birds has made it's way to Temporary:Secretary!

Let me introduce you to them!

Firstly, this is Mr and Mrs Bird. They look cute and soooo in love, right? Look closely.
They have been together for 20 years and they bicker all day long. Look at Mr B, he can't even stand the sight of Mrs B anymore. And she looks like she's about to peck him right in the brain box! Don't worry, though. They love each other really!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Strange kitty!

Here's my little helper, slacking off for a little snooze!
Just chilling in the sink....asleep whilst sitting up.
Such a strange one!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


We were very lucky that the sun decided to stay throughout September. Autumn is in full swing, but Temporary:Secretary has the solution to keep you cheerful throughout the cold and grey days! We have some new products on the site, and some exciting new things to come during December. Look out for some new goodies after the New Year.

Please check out for more info and prices.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

New products!

A few new products are or will be about to emerge on this week. There are so much more coming soon in preparation for Christmas! Its never too early to make a wishlist!

Keep an eye and don't forget to let me know what you think, and which one is your favourite. I love the Mitten brooch!
mittens brooch


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Love Baking? Have Some Cake Themed Jewellery!

In the past 12 months, I have been baking like a crazy girl! The cakes have kept me going through the many late nighters that I endured - especially during the nights before dissertation deadline (note to self: must not leave things until last minute.)

The obsession has led to the new collection of cake related jewellery that will be on sale at from next week. They are one-off's, so grab them while it's hot! Keep an eye out on twitter where I will announce when these one-off jewellery are up on the site for sale!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cute And Quirky Jewellery: Miniature Cake Jewellery

We have been busy making things and believe it or not, all of this will be made in to jewellery. Along with the tea sets, here's a preview of what other cute things that we've got in store. We have had a few enquiries in regards to our recent one-off products. Once they're gone, they are gone. However, if you send me an email, we'll try our very best to source another.

quirky jewellery, cake inspired jewellery, baking inspired jewellery

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tea Party Themed Jewellery

tea themed jewellery

Friday, 3 July 2009

End Of Uni!

Those who follow me on Twitter, know that I have spent many of the last week of uni whinging and complaining about it. In the studio at uni, the words "I can't wait to leave" was muttered throughout the days along with "I can't sew/draw/cope/do this", complete with lots of eye rolling and angry faces. Tears came sporadically. But now that I recieved my results yesterday and it is all over, I am kind of a little bit sad that I am no longer a student. It is also a bit weird reading through the previous blogs. I shudder at the thought of it all.

Graduate Fashion Week wasn't what I expected, but I met a lot of super nice people and if you're reading - HI!! What did you think of our stand?

I forgot my camera when I was down in London for Graduate Fashion Week, but I shall hunt down some photos from the event! In fact, I forgot to take a lot of things! I think I left my brain in Newcastle, for sure.

Our stand was designed in a "boutique" style. Our garments in the middle, and our individual stands around the side. (for sketchbooks/portfolio/promotional material - more of this later on.)

Here's some photos of our degree show at uni, named Reveal 09. 

As you can see, I had a few promotional things on my stand. Postcards, business cards, and a tree which people could leave their little note tags on. Thank you for so many people participating.

I have about 80 tags, which I will blog about very soon. For now, here is my favourite one.

I also got some stickers produced by - one of my illustrations and one of my Postage Stamp designs. Notice what it says on the side... and how many sheets have been torn away (Stolen!!!) Poop. Never mind. None of my other sticker book has been taken so I just hope they don't think they're real stamps... Although if it gets people writing again, then mission accomplished!

See you all at Graduation!

- Artwork belong to me.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Exhibiting at Graduate Fashion Week

It has been a horrible month. I'm in the very final stages of finishing university, and as manic as my studies have been, I have made sure that I have not neglected all that has ordered at Temporary:Secretary. Hope you love all the new products. I have so much more to put on in the next few weeks. Many which are one-offs.

As you may know, I am off to exhibit my degree work at Graduate Fashion Week in London. I am leaving tomorrow afternoon (Sat 6th June) and will not be back until Fri 12th June. For one week, I will not have access to a laptop or any products, so I can not process orders until I'm back. But believe me, the first thing that I do as soon as I am home is get right on to the computer! All orders will be posted out on the following Monday. Thank you for your patience.

Although I do not have access to normal internet, I will be able to get on Twitter from my new swanky phone! (whoooo. Temp:Sec enters the 21st Century!) so please follow us and I will be tweeting about Graduate Fashion Week gossip all day long!

Thanks again for your patience. And hope to see some of you at GFW. Come and see me at the Northumbria University Fashion Marketing stand!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Colourful, FUN Jewellery!

quirky jewellery
Cute creatures nibbling on watermelon in Paris. Bambi, stumpy alien deers and the gingy twosome (named Phil Mitchell and Wayne Rooney)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

New products on the website

It has been a while since I made new things - but here's a few new products that I've made. And I have ordered much more so keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. 

charm bracelet

Friday, 1 May 2009

Temp:Sec news

There will be an array of new things on the website within the next couple of weeks. Lots of ice cream, summery things and nautical sailorette necklaces on it's way!

organized colourful bubblegum charms

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

5 weeks and counting

It's less than 5 weeks left until final deadline and Graduate Fashion Week!
Get your tickets -

As previously mentioned, I've been getting on with my garments/products this week. A couple of long days at uni have paid off. (from 9am until 8pm. Long hours, no pay, ... worst job ever)

Here's a preview of my collection. I'm thinking of producing 8 garments - but looks like i'll only get 6 done. The whole project is coming together now and it's all starting to make more sense!

The paper is pinned, but when I get round to it, it will be sewn on the inside of the dress.

Black skirt (garment 2) in the making.

Finished Garment.

Silk chiffon skirt fused with handmade paper. For those who sent letters in, they were transferred on to the super delicate paper and then implemented to the design.

3rd Gament, a pleated voile dress. I've used white cotton voile to replicate paper, and how you can see through it.

This one is made with silk habutai in an off-white colour.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Sunny Sunday

Having spent the whole weekend doing work (rephrase: meant to be doing lots of work...!) I thought that as it was a nice sunny Sunday, we ventured outside on day release from uni prison work hell for some ice cream and gummy sweets. We had a new camera to play with, so we took it out with us to take more photos for our uni projects.

We went down the road to the Quayside market - turns out that it was not as warm as I thought, I shivered all the way down the hill. Ice cream was off the itinerary!

Here's our afternoon in pictures:

The Sage & Tyne Bridge


Baltic Contemporary Arts Gallery

Art Installation

Everywhere I go, I can't seem to get away from my "letter" project!

Some cute and colourful line dancers out on the street! Really want a pair of those shoes they wear, with loads of silver bells on the front! You could hear them from miles away. Reminds me of Oscar!

Walking back home after one lap round the Quayside


Sunday, 26 April 2009


A collection of "Promotional Stamps" that I designed as part of my concept for my marketing dissertation. They're not really stamps, of course. I think I'm going to get them made in to small stamp-sized stickers to show on the stand at Graduate Fashion Week. I think does some nice sticker books.

- Artwork belongs to me and must not be taken or reproduce -

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Love Letter Project Update

Fashion student at day, jewellery crafter by night. Sorry if I jump from one to the other on this blog and it confuses you. Uni is taking over my life at the moment.

Thank you to those who have sent letters through. It doesn't look like I'm going to get enough to create a book, but they will all go to really good use. I will keep you updated with the outcomes. (And to those who I owe replies to, I PROMISE I'll get straight to it after my dissertation deadline).

Here's a couple of pages from my portfolio. They're a bit "busy". I'll do some "cleaner" pages soon. 

On the Temporary:Secretary front, I have very cute Paris necklaces in store. I've yet to make them but I recieved tiny little Eiffel Towers yesterday.

Hopefully, next time I blog, I'll have some garments ready to show you all!
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