Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ice Cream Inspired Scented Candles From Kiss-Air

Ice cream scented candles

How does Ice Cream inspired scented candles sound to you? SO good, right?! On the 2nd June, Kiss-Air are launching their new Ice Cream Parlour Summer collection and there are going to be five new candles added to their range, all of which are inspired by popular ice cream flavours! 

ice cream scented candles for summer

The Ice Cream Parlour collection will consist of Mint Choc Chip, Salted Caramel, Mango Sorbet, Rum and Raisin, and Black Cherry scented candles. Does any of them tickle your fancy? It’s going to be difficult to choose one!

I’ve been trying three of the candles which are made of soy wax for a cleaner burn, and from past experience, Kiss-Air hand-made scented candles smell pretty close to the real thing. They smell great, fairly intense and authentic, and I like that it's made from soy wax burns for more gentle and cleaner burn.

scented candles for summer

Mint Choc Chip* is such a classic, and it's one of my favourite ice-creams ever since I was little! I remember being at the beach with my family when I was younger and I would only ever go for the mint choc chip ice creams (and milkshakes). This mint choc chip candle has an equal blend of peppermint and bitter dark chocolate chips, it’s just soooo good! I think it's quite difficult to detect both scent of the mint and chocolate in candles and also beauty products, it's usually more minty than it is chocolatey! But Kiss-Air has done a good job - there's no mistaking that this is mint choc chip and it hits the right spot!

Salted Caramel* is a modern 'foodie' flavour that has been very popular in that past few years, it has popped up everywhere! I love salted caramel, it’s a unusual but a delicious flavour combination that goes together so well! The candle has notes of sweetened creamed butter, sea salt, caramel, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk. It is a sweet and smooth scent but not too sickly, as it has a burnt and toasty edge to it - still, it's definitely one for those with a sweet tooth! 

Mango Sorbet* is a refreshing blend of exotic ripe mango, lemon and raspberry. It's a mouthwatering, juicy, fruity candle with tropical notes that takes you back to the memories of a blissful Summer holiday! Mango Sorbet is a gorgeous fragrance that it suitable for everyone because you'll know exactly what to expect (it smells just like a Solero ice cream lolly!)

ice cream inspired candles

If you fancy the look of Kiss-Air's Ice Cream Parlour Collection, keep your eyes peeled for launch of the candles on 2nd June. The candles can be purchased on their website, and they have over 25 scents! Prices of the products are as follows:

votives (£2.25)
travel sized candle (£5)
large tins (£8.50)
wax melts (£1.25)
tea lights (£5 per pack)
and a small collection of candle accessories.

The candles pictured above are the large tins and they burn for up to 30 hours. Please take care when handling the metal tins, the metal gets really hot when the candle has been burning. I would also advise placing the tins on a heat proof mat when burning the candle.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

Another exciting beauty kit has arrived from Benefit Cosmetics. Last month, we saw the launch of Do The Hoola kit, and this July, Benefit are releasing Operation Pore-Proof, a little kit filled with miniature products to help you stay flawless this Summer!

I do like a tiny bit of a glow of radiance during Summer, but on the whole, I actually prefer a matte and flawless finish. Generally, I feel more confident when my face is not shiny and glazed!

Operation Pore-Proof Kit by Benefit

If you’re the same, Benefit’s Operation Pore-Proof might just be the beauty kit for you this Summer. It’s a great starter kit for someone who has always been intrigued by Benefit products, in particular The POREfessional range and it’s a great way to experiment with matte finish make-up.

The Operation Pore-Proof beauty kit contains five miniature products and a small brush. All the products included in this kit are formulated to minimize the appearance of pores for a smoother looking skin. 

benefit porefessional license to blot

This includes two brand new products The POREfessional License To Blot and Shy Beam. License To Blot is probably the star of the show here, and I did a full review of it here. It's a oil blotting stick in a balm form that gets rid of shine.

I reckon it is one of those products that will split opinions - you’re either going to love it or hate it. But I think everyone is going to LOVE Shy Beam, the matte version of their best selling High Beam (below).

benefit's shy beam highlighter
swatch of Benefit's shy beam highlighter

They haven't released this in a full size version yet - actually, Benefit haven't even confirmed if they will be doing this in a bigger bottle - it's currently exclusively available in the Operation Pore-Proof kit. But I will do a full review of Shy Beam soon, it’s a great peachy pink highlighter for anyone with oil-prone skin. It gives an illuminating glow without the lustre sheen. 

operation pore proof kit benefit cosmetics

The kit also contains a Benefit classic, The POREfessional pore minimiser primer which you apply to prep your skin for foundation. You also get a small tub of the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder which I LOVE.

It's a really cute miniature version! You sprinkle the powder on to back of the lid and you swirl the little brush in it, then sweep it over your face to set your make up and get rid of shine. I often take the full size version around in my handbag so it's awesome to get a pocket sized one to carry around now! I might see if I can pull the tub apart to refill it with powder but it looks pretty sealed to me!

operation pore proof kit

Dr. Feelgood is the product that I am most unfamiliar with. I thought it was a lip balm at first but it's actually a complexion balm that feels very similar to License To Blot. I don't really know what the difference is apart from the way it's packaged and how it is applied. But the principle is the same, both are silky, lightweight balms that mattifies skin, gets rid of oils, fills in fine lines, and minimizes pores.

Dr. Feelgood comes with a sponge pad so you dab the pot and pat the product into skin under on it's own or over make-up. I think the other difference is that Dr. Feelgood contains vitamins A, C and E - which License To Blot does not.

operation pore proof kit

There's very little colour in this kit as it mainly focuses on giving you a flawless, smooth, matte skin. All the products (apart from Shy Beam, which is a subtle peach pink) are suitable for all skin tones because it's translucent and colourless. 

I can't wait to see what other kits Benefit are launching this year!

Operation Pore-Proof is available from July and retails for £28.50

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Monday, 25 May 2015

BEAUTY NEWS: The Body Shop To Launch The Mojito Collection

virgin mojito collection from the body shop

On the 2nd of June, The Body Shop will launching their Virgin Mojito Body Range, a limited edition collection just for Summer 2015! I haven't had a chance to try it yet so I'll be the first in line when this launches, but I imagine it to be very zingy and fresh. Perhaps a bit like Soap&Glory's Sugar Crush but with a lot more lime?! I don't know, I'm just making a guess here! Although if it's anything like Sugar Crush, I am stocking up!! 

The Virgin Mojito collection will include the following products:

Body Scrub, £15
Shower Gel, £4
Body Sorbet, £8
Body Butter, £13
Body Splash, £16

I think a body splash is a fragrance spritz or a body spray. Either way, it sounds delicious! I've been told that it's a blend of fresh mint and invigorating lime, which should cool your skin down on a hot Summer's day.

I don't have photos of them but there's also gift sets available with a strong theme of cocktail making! The Big Splash (£45) will contain 4 products and comes packaged in a metal ice bucket. The Big Shake comes in a metal cocktail shaker and contains 3 Mojito body treats. Finally, The Cool Cube (£8) is a small gift set that includes a travel sized shower gel and body butter. 

In my opinion, this is the coolest collection The Body Shop has ever released and it should do really well to capture the younger market. The Virgin Mojito Collection is trendy, it looks great and everyone loves the refreshing mojito scent! I really hope to see more like this from The Body Shop!

virgin mojito body range collection by the body shop

Keep a look out for the big launch on 2nd June - in stores and online.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Photo Diary: An Evening In Durham

a photo of durham river

I live close to Durham, but I'm embarrassed to say that have I never visited the place properly. I'd say that I've been there about 5 times in my life, to do really boring things like driving theory test, going to an appointment at the passport office, or another chore that's equally as boring. 

On a whim, we decided to drive to Durham for dinner at Bill's but it was still bright outside so we went for a quick walk first! The shops were all closed so the streets were quiet, but it was nice to peaceful stroll! I also took a few photos on my phone too!

iconic british things
durham cathedral
old english street
durham city centre, british architecture
an old british building, british architecture
river in durham

We walked up to the cathedral (which I think it lit at night time) and we crossed over the bridge for a couple of snaps. Durham is a really beautiful city, such a pretty part of the country and I never fully appreciated it until now. I was watching Theory Of Everything months ago and admired how beautiful England looked. I feel that Durham has a very Cambridge-esque feel to it, it has the a huge amount of charm and beauty. I definitely need to go back and explore what the city has to offer.

bill's restaurant
treacle tart

After our evening walk, we went for dinner at Bill's. I love Bill's, it's always such a chilled atmosphere. Good food and great service. I went for a un-adventurous fish and chips which came with mushy peas, tartare sauce and picked onions. I wanted to try a side portion of the kale chips (I didn't really like them so I won't be ordering them again). And finally, a dinner is not complete without pudding, so we ordered a treacle tart and caramel ice cream to share.

Hopefully I'll be back in Durham soon and I'll take my big camera with me to get some proper photos! Can't wait to have a good nose about the city!

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